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Offering outstanding patient care and having a sound revenue process is like having a world class offense and no one to play defense. With our Operational services we make sure your efforts aren’t wasted and everything runs smoothly.

It’s like having your own COO

Have you ever implemented a scheduling strategy that increases efficiency and boosts profits?

Creating a scheduling strategy that yields more profit per day and reduces staff burnout is just one of many ways we look after the operations of our clients. For us it is all about how we can enable you and your staff to be more efficient and realize a greater return on your efforts.

Quick Case Study

Recently we recognized an opportunity for a client performing a particular procedure. The physician was seeing every patient for a pre-op appointment. We adjusted the schedule to have the LPN take over that duty freeing the physician to spend more on higher value visits and surgeries. The net results was a an immediate $45 thousand increase in profit for the practice with no additional staffing requirements.

Every business has its own set of challenges and hurdles. With our decades of experience helping clients solve complex challenges across multiple industries we bring solutions AND help implement them. We eliminate the business and operational headaches for practice owners.

We take an analytical approach to coding analysis to generate more profit from each patient visit. By benchmarking against industry and peer data combined with our opportunity analysis you are guaranteed to recoup every dollar you’ve earned. We all reduce your regulatory exposure by managing all facets of compliance.

With the complex dynamics of the modern healthcare practice, getting the right processes and systems in place AND having them work in unison is huge challenge. We bring our methodologies and experience to bear to improve the systems and bring harmony which means less employee and patient headaches for you.

From HIPAA compliance, to insurance verification, to credentialing and on to auditing, operational inefficiencies are one the main components of non-revenue generating areas that reduce profits. Our proven operations management analysis and processes implementation ensures that your practice time is at a minimum on areas of non-revenue generating tasks.

For over 20 years we’ve been working for physicians to help them create profitable, independent practices that they’re proud to own. You’ll get more value and less stress from our billing and revenue cycle management services, guaranteed.

Why the name CHIRON?


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