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We haven’t met a doctor yet who would rather deal with the pain of the revenue cycle and the rest of the financial challenges rather than patients. So let us do the dirty work for you and get the results you want.

“Outsourcing to CHIRON made great financial sense and we have reaped the benefits with very dedicated service, great attention to detail, highest quality reports, excellent accountability, tireless support, better revenue collection and reimbursement. I feel as though I have replaced an employee with a billing partner who shares my goals.”

Bradley J. Esterman, M.D.

27 %

average profit increase

When it comes to extracting every dollar of revenue from the process, templated approaches and offshored processing is a recipe for subpar outcomes.
To wrestle with the process you need an experienced team that is TENACIOUS, DILIGENT and frankly, a bit MANIACAL about the whole thing. We are that team for you.

Start of a Claim

We always make sure we have quality data going in.

  • Patient registration
  • Insurance eligibility
  • Patient appointment

Claims Submission

We move quickly and diligently.

  • Charge entry
  • Medical coding
  • Fast claims submission

Claims Management

Like bulldogs we go after every single one.

  • Payment posting
  • Denial management
  • Appeals

A/R Management

We can often reduce AR by 30 days or more!

  • A/R follow up
  • Patient collections
  • Patient statements


What gets measured gets results

  • Payment posting
  • Insight reporting
  • Benchmark analysis

In today’s healthcare environment it can feel like treading water is the only option. Declining reimbursement rates, more regulatory scrutiny, worrying about online reviews and more. It hardly leaves time to breathe let alone figure out if there’s additional revenue opportunities with added services, testing or even just in what you’re already doing. That’s were we can come in with a fresh perspective and knowledge from working across specialties to understand and capitalize on what may be available to you.
Additional revenue and income sources is like found money. We promise to find it for you


Recently we analyzed the existing payer and patient mix along with a in depth review of the current contracted reimbursement rates from all payers for a gastroenterologist practice. We were immediately able to improve revenue on existing business by 7%. We renegotiated 2 contracted payer reimbursement rates and adjusted the patient mix to have a tremendous effect on the physicians profits.

From full Revenue Cycle Management to other aspects of practice financial management and strategy we can help. Below is a partial list of other financial services we offer.

  • Cash Flow Optimization
  • Compensation Consulting
  • Practice Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Custom KPI Dashboards
  • Maximize Reimbursement Opportunities

For over 20 years we’ve been working for physicians to help them create profitable, independent practices that they’re proud to own. You’ll get more value and less stress from our billing and revenue cycle management services, guaranteed.

Why the name CHIRON?


2504 Tamiami Trail N
Nokomis, FL 34275