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Customized KPI Dashboards

Below is an example Customized KPI dashboard for a practice. Data can be collected consolidated from multiple sources including your practice management system, marketing sources, social media, accounting system and more.

We understand that practice owners are time strapped and need to quickly and EASILY visualize important information to gain insight on how the practice is performing in real time. Practice Management systems alone DO NOT have the ability to integrate data from multiple sources to allow practice owners to QUICKLY and EASILY digest relevant data and make sense of it.

We help doctors focus on outstanding CLINICAL CARE without the burden of trying to learn and understand all the intricacies of running a business.

Also available as a separate subscription!

Feel free to click around with the sample dashboard below!

If the dashboard is not working in your browser click here to interact on the source page

If Any of the below is you let us show you how easy it is to get complete control of your practice.

✔️ You need easy to understand reports

✔️ You need data so that you can take action to either continue what’s working or fix what is not.

✔️You want to make sure your practice is maximizing profits

✔️ You want to understand how you and your associates are performing against peers

Consider using this if you need to provide more context on why you do what you do. Be engaging. Focus on delivering value to your visitors.


“I’ve never had better insight into the levers that drive our practice’s performance and success.”

Dr. L, DPM

For over 20 years we’ve been working for physicians to help them create profitable, independent practices that they’re proud to own. You’ll get more value and less stress from our billing and revenue cycle management services, guaranteed.

Why the name CHIRON?


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