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Why Us?

Because we’ve spent 20+ years improving practices for physicians

Our Pillars of Client Service


We succeed when our clients succeed. We’re not a transaction focused team, rather we believe in building long-term partnerships. In fact, our clients only leave us when they retire or sell their practice!


Although the overarching process is similar, there are needs that are unique to each of our clients. We match our services to incorporate each one of those unique cases.


We understand how important every dollar of revenue is to our clients, that’s why we’ve developed efficient ways to minimize revenue leak throughout the process that far exceeds industry norms.


Having served many clients over decades enables us to acquire a depth of knowledge and experience that is unique. We translate that experience and knowledge into tangible results for our clients.

What We Do

Larger companies that offshore their billing often charge smaller fees, but in the end many clients are no better off. Their revenue capture is often less than what they’re charging! These companies take the Walmart approach to billing. That is, they have a lot of capacity with little customization and attention to detail to significantly improve cash flow for their clients.

Having an in-house team member manage the revenue cycle is tedious and fraught with potential pitfalls. In today’s demanding healthcare environment, a small to medium size office staff is typically required to wear multiple hats. With the complexities of operations, that solution is less than desirable because many things simple are missed.

We’ve been working closely with doctors and practices for over 15 years. In that time there has been significant changes in the industry. However, each one of our clients has been able to not only survive, but thrive because we ensure they have a thriving revenue cycle management operation. That means that less revenue is lost and cash flow is dramatically increased, oftentimes a 50% or more improvement!

At Chiron we’re on a mission to help each client maximize the value for them and their practice. We work to turn each frustrating and complex process into something simpler and more impactful for you and the practice. We know there are too many opportunities that can be easily missed and we want to make sure our clients don’t have that happen. From improving the revenue cycle, cash flow, operations or staff culture, let us take that burden from you.

For over 20 years we’ve been working for physicians to help them create profitable, independent practices that they’re proud to own. You’ll get more value and less stress from our billing and revenue cycle management services, guaranteed.

Why the name CHIRON?


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Nokomis, FL 34275