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Are you leaving opportunity for more income on the table?

You work hard enough on the clinical side. We make sure those efforts aren’t wasted.

It doesn’t have to be a dogfight to remain independent. Our processes and strategies ensure you’re SUCCESSFUL, PROFITABLE & INDEPENDENT.

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27 %

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We Focus on Your Business so You Can Focus on Your Patients


In today’s physician practice there are countless moving parts. If those parts aren’t working in harmony then results like improving physician income potential and utilizing time efficiently become elusive.

There are many companies that provide a cookie cutter approach to practice management. They often have a set of processes for billing, coding, operations, etc., with no clear objectives in mind. They just plug them in and soon the physician is left wondering why they’re no better off than before he/she hired them.

Case Study: Retina – Single Physician Practice

And We Have the Results to Back It Up

Why We’re Different


Our incentives are aligned with your goals.


You won’t find a more tenacious team that will make your practice successful.


We think ahead to create opportunities and efficiencies for you.


Whether it is one or all of our solutions that are needed, we provide our clients the ability to own and operate a thriving and profitable practice.


Every business has its own set of challenges and hurdles. With our decades of experience helping clients solve complex challenges across multiple industries we bring solutions AND help implement them. We eliminate the business and operational headaches for practice owners.

We take an analytical approach to coding analysis to generate more profit from each patient visit. By benchmarking against industry and peer data combined with our opportunity analysis you are guaranteed to recoup every dollar you’ve earned. We all reduce your regulatory exposure by managing all facets of compliance.

With the complex dynamics of the modern healthcare practice, getting the right processes and systems in place AND having them work in unison is huge challenge. We bring our methodologies and experience to bear to improve the systems and bring harmony which means less employee and patient headaches for you.

From HIPAA compliance, to insurance verification, to credentialing and on to auditing, operational inefficiencies are one the main components of non-revenue generating areas that reduce profits. Our proven operations management analysis and processes implementation ensures that your practice time is at a minimum on areas of non-revenue generating tasks.


There are countless RCM companies out there willing to tout their latest software or offshore “coding experts”, but how many actually get in the trenches of your practice to squeeze out every available dollar of revenue faster and more efficiently? We work in your software with a diligence and efficiency that is unrivaled in the industry.

We understand cash is king. But it is a 2 way street (inflows and outflows). Most companies focus on just the revenue component, we also optimize for what goes out as well so you can leverage your cash for growth, efficiency, or whatever other opportunities arise.


Today’s tight labor market and employees demanding more and more, how can a physician take of patients and their team? We can help you create a system and tactics that are easy and repeatable. We help you get the most of your team and perform at their best.

What if you could recruit, hire and retain the best people for your team? Like a dream team that can win against anybody. We help practice leadership develop systems, processes and most importantly a culture of excellence. When everyone is pulling the cart in the same direction, the overall output and performance of your practice accelerates.


Retirement, acquisition, expansion? These are all great goals but without a sound strategy those goals might be just dreams. We can help you create a sound strategic plan that serves as the foundation to drive your practice in the direciton you want to go.


Do you know if you’re actually getting the majority of referrals from Dr. Jones? Do you have a strategic and tactical plan in place to manage and cultivate existing and new referral opportunities?

Referral management is a key area where we can help make an impact on your practice. Often we find that our physicians don’t have the time and resources to spend continously fostering relationships with key referral sources. Let us help you with our years of business development experience. We become an advocate on your behalf and make sure we fill your referral pipeline is filled with new patient opportunities.

Because today’s healthcare marketing landscape is fraught with subpar providers and constantly evolving metrics, we’ve partnered with a firm that has a solution born from the physician side. They figured out a unique way that is measurable to address their own frustrations and we are able to bring it exclusively to you.

EVERYBODY gossips these days. And when that gossip hits the digital airwaves it can either help you or be your Achilles heal. We can work with your staff to create a customer experience akin to walking into the Ritz.

“After 15 years of outsourcing and trying several other firms, CHIRON is the first management company we’ve used that delivers what they promised.”

You’re only an email away from owning a world class practice.

With our holistic approach we guarantee:

  1. You’ll create more operational and financial freedom within your practice.
  2. You’ll always make more than you spend with us.

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For over 20 years we’ve been working for physicians to help them create profitable, independent practices that they’re proud to own. We focus on optimizing operations and increasing profits so you can focus on what you do best; taking care of patients.

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